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Be prepared for a system failure or power outage with a backup generator from Martindale Construction & Electric. Our experts have been installing state-of-the-art generators for years, and we take pride in helping home and business owners maintain their power source.

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Understanding the Benefits of a Generator Power System

A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity for distribution in a home or building. Generators are often relied on during emergencies or power outages to provide a backup power supply and allow properties to function at normal capacity.

Having a generator in your home or business offers a myriad of advantages, including the following.


If your power is cut unexpectedly, you may experience a variety of interruptions. Today, most households and businesses rely on electricity to power their heat, air conditioning, fridge, and other crucial technology and appliances. Without a generator, you could experience increased discomfort, spoiled food, disconnection from the outside world, and significant disruption to your daily operation.

Having a generator allows you to avoid these issues altogether.


Installing a generator will improve the overall market value of your home or business property. This upgrade will attract buyers and help you sell your property faster.

Electric Generator Installation Process

When considering investing in a generator, it is helpful to know what to expect from your installation, here’s how we break it down.

We will begin by conducting an on-site consultation. During this consultation, we will choose a location for your generator. The site should be a well-drained dry area that is not at risk of flooding. It should be spacious enough to accommodate maintenance and repair personnel.

Once the location is decided, we will prepare the site for installation. This may include laying a concrete slab or gravel patch upon which to place the generator. The machine will be placed on the surface, and our contractors will connect the fuel line to the generator and install the transfer switch next to the main breaker. The transfer switch will sense where the power is coming from and when to switch to generator power.

Before we leave your property, we will test your generator by simulating a power outage. The test will ensure that everything is working in tip-top shape.

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